How To Buy JioPhone Online Or Offline?

We tell you all you need to know about how to purchase a brand new JioPhone in August.

How To Buy JioPhone Online Or Offline? July 23, 20172 Comments

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How To Buy Jio Phone

Jio’s much awaited JioPhone has finally been revealed. By now you are probably wondering how you can buy a JioPhone for yourself. For starters, you’ll need to book the phone first. We’ll tell you how you can purchase the JioPhone online or offline below.

Reliance has said that initially, 5 million JioPhone feature phones will be available every week. However, we still feel getting your hands on one in the first few weeks of availability would be a tough job.

JioPhone Booking Highlights

  • JioPhone feature phone booking starts at 5:30PM on August 24, 2017.
  • Bookings can be done on MyJio apps, Jio’s official website and Reliance Jio offline retailers.
  • Offline Reliance Jio retailers have already started unofficial bookings last week.
  • A booking amount of Rs.500 is to be paid while booking, rest can be paid while picking up the device.
  • As for delivery, JioPhone will be delivered in a first-come-first-serve basis. Reliance has about 5 million devices to ship in the first batch.

JioPhone Price

Before we tell you how you can grab a JioPhone, let’s first take a look at the pricing.

JioPhone is a feature phone with smartphone-like capabilities. The 4G LTE enabled phone is practically free. You’ll still have to cough up Rs.1,500 to pay initially though. This is a refundable security amount which will be returned to the customer after a period of three years. This is being done to prevent widespread misuse and seems like a sensible move.

Mukesh Ambani announcing JioPhone Tariff Plans

How To Buy JioPhone Online?

As we mentioned earlier, JioPhone will have to be booked before it can be purchased. Starting August 24, general users can book the phone on the MyJio app which is available on both Android and iOS. The app will reveal a landing page by August 24 which will enable users to book their JioPhone online. We still don’t have a confirmation whether any online payments will be accepted at the time of booking.

You can start booking your JioPhone from 5:30 PM onwards starting August 24. Don’t be surprised if the bookings close in a matter of hours, if not minutes. The demand is too high and offline retailers will be offloading their unofficial bookings on their online terminals too.

To book your JioPhone online, use the MyJio app on Android or iOS or simply use Jio’s official website. You’ll receive a confirmation text message on your registered mobile number.

The JioPhone will not be available online as well as offline. Since the company will have a limited inflow of hardware, expect stores to run out of JioPhone devices. Reliance has advised stores to follow a first-come-first-served strategy to sell JioPhones. Once you book your JioPhone on the MyJio app you will be required to pick up your device from the nearest Jio outlet.

You will need to fill a form, just like you would for any other mobile phone connection, to buy the JioPhone. In case you plan on using your existing Jio connection with the JioPhone you may be asked to skip this step.

How To Buy JioPhone Offline?

You can book a JioPhone at your nearest Reliance Jio outlet. To book the phone you’ll need to sign up with proper documentation which includes your address proof and passport sized photographs. You’ll be asked to pay a token amount of Rs.500 at the time of booking. You can pay Rs.1,000 while picking up the device.

Going further, you will be able to easily buy the JioPhone offline once there are enough stocks and the dust has settled. Even though everyone would still practically end up buying the JioPhone offline, it won’t be available without first booking it on another smartphone.

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Shubham's day job revolves around crunching numbers for a big-data analytics company. When he gets bored of complicated calculations, he comes home and writes about technology. Contact: [email protected]

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